In Bed With Valentina n°7 – Coucouaurelien ENG

Coucou! Here we are with the artist of the most erotic, bluest, fanciest bums of the gram (and not only that!). Let’s see together who’s Coucouaurelien!

How long have you been drawing?

I have always loved drawing on an ad hoc basis, but I have been drawing intensively and with this style of illustration since half an year.

Which tools do you use?

I mainly draw on iPad using the Procreate app.

How did you style evolve, in time?

My drawings are more detailed and stronger than the beginning, the subjects mentioned are perhaps more mature as well.

Your palette became typical of you, does the blue have specific meaning?

I really like the contrast that blue and red offer. For me it’s a very strong duo, water x fire, cold x hot, sky x sun, dead x living there are still many more!

Looking at your ig account is clear that you made a sort of super-zoomed studio of body parts, until your gorgeous “culottes”. How did all of this just started?

I like to make strong images with a clear message. It’s often a detail that makes a global scene unique, so I decide to put that detail in the spotlight.

Your work presents a fancy, delightful and funny erotica. How did your audience and follower response since your beginning?

Approaching intimate subjects with humor or lightness establishes a collusion between my audience and me. I’m trying to break it down by showing that eroticism is everywhere, and that being interested in the beauty of the body doesn’t make us obsessed with sex.

You also make short animated clip often linked with brief erotic verses from other authors. Is writing another passion, to you?

In my opinion, writing and drawing have the same aims: to say something, tell a story, make people laugh and react. If a lot of pictures speak for themselves, mixing these two mediums makes it even stronger. Writing, as a passion, isn’t stronger as drawing, but I really like this medium as well.

Do you have artists you take inspiration from?

What I find most inspiring is the determination and persistence shown by people managing their art something to life for. No matter the field. I listen to a lot of programs that give voice to enthusiasts (“Creative Pep Talk”, “Women of Illustration”, “The Honest Designers Show” for those in english).

 As a creator on social: have you ever been in trouble for your content? What do you think about these guidelines that often create problems instead of solving them?

No, I never had a problem, but of course the guidelines you mentioned belong to an old world. Afterwards, art has often been used to say things and question the spectator in a roundabout way, it is ultimately a game. There will always be ridiculous things to question.

Are you working on some future project?

I started an interactive comic on Instagram. It tells the story of a young Parisian girl. I don’t know if I’m going to stick with it because it takes a lot of time, but it amuses me.

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