In Bed With Valentina n°3 (ENG)- Cawacem

Welcome back to “In Bed With Valentina”, the largest and hottest bed world wide web. Today it’s a pleasure to talk with Cawacem, a russian illustrator whose works you will fall in love with. Like, litterally fall from heaven…!

How long have you been drawing? Are you self-taught or did you attend any studies?

I have been drawing since I was two years old, when my mum gave me a pencil for the first time. Afterwards, I attended art school where I continued to improve my drawing skills, as well as receiving a degree in architecture.

How does your process of creation start, from the idea to the final illustration?

My process of creation is based on my own personal experiences—i.e. something instigates me and propels me to begin drawing.

Which tools do you use?

I use a wide range of tools, but recently I have been working with procreate.

Where do you get inspirations?

My life is quite intensive, I work and travel so often. Thus, I am exposed to a wide range of experiences that provide me everyday with new sources of inspiration.

Your colour palette is almost the same among your work. Those colours have any significance?

I work often with my emotions, thinking about the relationship between what is found in the image and its colours. I used blue colour for a particular kind of drawing, but I could have used a different colour for a different theme.

There’s a bond between humankind and nature in your illustrations and what fascinate me the most is actually female nude and animals. What’s the meaning? 

When I was in Bali several years ago I saw a beautiful women running naked alongside a large-sized dirty dog. Witnessing this scene with my own eyes, I found their mutual affection and how they played with each other as a symbol of love between human and nature in its purest form.

Lots of animals are recurrent. What they mean to you? Do they have an actual symbol?

The world of animals is extremely rich and full of characters. Therefore, I try to draw a variety of animals that invoke in me various feelings, symbolising for me different state of moods in which myself or my loved ones are found. 

The woman in these sketches is you or a model?

It differs from drawing to drawing. Sometimes I draw my friends, while in other occasions I coincidently come across beautiful woman who give me inspiration for my new drawings. 

Settings are always celestial, suspended in an altered dimension. Is that because there’s a strong relationship between spirituality and carnality? 

Of course, the relationship between body soul is key for an emotional form of drawing.

Your work is so lovely, do you have any future project to anticipate to us? 

In the current moment I work on a novel project which is completely new for me and does not relate to my earlier work. It is a brand new challenge for me, but I love pushing the limits of my myself.

Thank you to Aleksandra Semenova, aka Cawacem to share this to us and have a look into her instagram: let us know which illustration do you like the most!

Also: Cawacem facebook here

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