Who is the Erotic Illustrator?

I’m a visual artist, native from Bronx NY with a personal passion for promoting sex positivity through Digital Art. I go by Luna just Luna.

How long have you been drawing?

I’ve been drawing since maybe 2009, it wasn’t my favorite subject in Art School ( I was a photography major at Pratt Institute) . I started drawing again during lockdown in 2020 to keep my anxiety down. I love the idea of illustration, it doesn’t have to be great it just has to express something and that takes a lot of pressure off of the idea of creating something perfect. It’s worry free creating.

Which tool do you use to make your illustration?

I use Fresco and Procreate, both digital apps on a tablet. I like using pens that mimic pastels, charcoals and oil paint textures. Occasionally I’ll make some by hand using charcoal or ink on paper.

What I love about your work is this scribblish style that seems coming out of nowhere while doing anything else but then some very dark lines, some clear details show off all the intensity they have. What’s the process behind that?

Usually I have references I try to interpret in my style, in my experience or at least something familiar. I try my best not to pick up the pen and keep the motion flowing, even better on days I felt the most anxious. I try not to erase as much as possible, I believe the way the lines come up is exactly as they should be.

What’s inspire you the most?

Egon Schiele’s work & great composition found in adult video content.

In the bio on your social page you write “sexpositive and bodypositive artist”, tell us more about it.

I have love and respect for all bodies and experiences, I want to make sure people who follow will be respectful of that as well so my content won’t be reported.

Your use of color is variable: sometimes it is just fancy hair, others is setting and it seems like everything changes. Does it have a specific meaning?

I used to think it’s possible I pick colors of the chakra Im working on at the time I create the illustration, I think that’s why it’s always changing. People have asked me if I’m the character with the orange hair and it’s possible I’ve been unconsciously adding myself in, in less abstract ways. I relate the color orange to sensuality, desire, and pleasure.

Who are the subjects of your illustrations?

Sometimes they are my past lovers, sometimes they’re couples that have asked me to create for them or people who have asked for a portrait. Most of the time it’s just fantasy.

As erotic artist did you get in trouble with policy guidlines in social network?

Yes!!! Many times! I felt like the only place I could express myself freely was Twitter. I realize the more abstract I go the less likely it gets reported on IG. I’ve also had an online printing shop shut my account down because of my content.

Where else can we find and support your work?

Support my red bubble shop where you can buy my prints. Link is on my bio on my Instagram Page.

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