Inumi Toys: tentacular dreams

This review-story lands in the magical world of handmade sex toys, and I couldn’t be happier to lead the way with Inumi Toys!

The fabulous world of handmade sex toys

Glass, ceramic, wood, silicone: those are the materials used, consumed and imagined by artisans and craftsmen all over the world in the field of pleasure. Handcrafted sex toys are true works of art, created in independent and creative contexts where each artisan outlines their own signature and peculiarity to give specific character to their products and recognizability to their brand.

Handcrafted sex toys, outside the industrial chain, must be chosen with care and attention to their health, especially with regard to the maintenance of the object and its use: often the materials used are organic (ceramic, glass, wood) and, as such, react differently to the wear and tear of time and the conditions in which they are stored. Even silicone – always look for the one compatible with the skin, like the one we’re talking about – has a different texture, compared to the industrial one used, for instance, for electronic sex toys, it also needs different attentions to be stored in the proper conditions.

The ways to sanitize a handmade sex toy before and after its use vary a lot from the material it is made of: while for glass, ceramic and silicone, hot water and intimate soap would be enough to keep your toy safe, it would become absolutely deleterious for a wooden one. Always choose your toy carefully and cautiously and make sure you give it the necessary care so that it will return the favor to you!

Inumi Toys

Inumi toys is an independent company of a lovely couple of Swiss artisans. I had the pleasure and honor of exchanging long missives with them to get organized with this collaboration and found two loving people to chat with.

Their sex toys are made of compatible, hypoallergenic and certified silicone; Inumi is a brand that is mainly specialized in the production of strap-ons (dildos with harness bent) and strapless, those dildos designed to attach to the wearer’s body without the assistance of any straps, fabric or harness of any kind.

The study behind Inumi Toys aims to create strap-ons that leave as much autonomy as possible for all the people involved, and to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

They also produce anal plugs (for anal penetration) and double dildos (for vaginal and clitoral stimulation).

The colors they employ are reminiscent of a magical world, of another dimension or ultramarine, with the tentacular patterns that – other than being beautiful – provide pleasurable stimulation.

My experience

They sent me two of their sex toys: Chtulhu’s Hatchling Dildo, a double stimulator with a tentacular pattern – the name presents itself – and the strap-on Tentacle S, for which they took inspiration from a Japanese hentai.

I experimented multiple times, especially with the dildo, which they customized for me in the colors of the bisexual flag – how sweet! – And let me tell you, it is truly magical. The soft, smooth and flexible silicone gives a completely different sensation compared to the industrial one, the perception is very realistic even for clitoral stimulation: the sensation it gives by touching the skin reminds so much of the tongue.

The size of both the dildo and the strap-on are enormous – it has to be said, since they are tentacles – they’re not easy to approach for beginners (as I am, to be fair).

With the dildo I experimented with different positions and therefore took more time to better understand how to use it. My personal sensitivity requires attention to all the area around the clitoris, rather than to focus on it, so I was very comfortable playing with the smaller tentacle and stimulating different spots.

With lots of lube I got almost to the base of the tentacle – Chthulu is a challenging guy, we’ll need time to trust each other.

la camera di valentina
photo credits: @_lapescatricediasterischi_
product: strap-on Tentacle S

The strap-on, on the other hand, is the biggest challenge that has yet to be tackled as such a work of art requires. I swear no partner has been mistreated – not beyond liking at least – but more experienced asses than ours are needed in this case and with Tentacle S we need to practice, tentacle suction cup after tentacle suction cup, to open hearts and butts to the abysmal world of pleasure.

They are two toys designed and created with care, attention and elegance; the literary and nerdy references are masterpieces that enrich the erotic imaginary and induce to be more creative. Inumi Toys is an independent, family-owned brand that puts kindness and attention in all phases of production, including communication.

If I’ve intrigued you enough, go to their site and use the code “VALENTINA”, at the time of purchase, for a 5% discount on their catalog. It’s valid through the end of March!

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